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There is nothing worse than looking at a brand new carpet that has only been down a few days and discovering that something has been spilled on it. When this happens, one should call Portland Carpet Cleaning to have it expertly removed. This will assure that it is done quickly before it gets 'set' and becomes a permanent stain.

Some people make the mistake of trying to remove a spot with materials they have purchased for this purpose. Unfortunately, many times this does not work and ends up requiring professional help. Chemicals react differently with carpet fibers and it is important that only the right ones be used.

Carpet construction can vary greatly in carpets as well as the materials used. Whether the carpet is a dense or loose weave makes a big difference in how they should be cleaned. A very expensive carpet, such as an oriental one must be treated much differently than a loosely woven one. A rug with embroidery requires yet another method.

An expert in the field of carpet cleaning can quickly determine the type of materials used in the carpet construction. Many, today, are made of synthetic fibers but there are also wool and cotton ones. Imported rugs, especially, need special treatment if the result is to be satisfactory. A company that is an expert in the field can quickly determine what process is needed to achieve a good result.

Having an expert in the field do the cleaning of a carpet is well worth the price. One winds up with a carpet that is clean and gives an overall appearance of cleanliness. In addition to any stains it removes, hidden things such as dog hair, dirt and other items that can be harmful to the atmosphere.

In contacting a carpet cleaning company one should determine what type of cleaning is done, steam or dry chemicals, how long it takes before the carpet can safely be walked on as well as what kind of a guarantee is given. One will find that reliable companies such as Portland Cleaning Company will be happy to answer such questions. It is always a good idea to have a representative inspect the carpet and learn what needs to be done before making a commitment.

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